On the the appointment of our new manager Chico Ramos, Arlesey Town FC would like to publicly thank Len Mcmain and Jason Darvall on taking over as caretaker managers when the previous management team left suddenly on October 4th.

Len and Jason have done a fantastic job in keeping the squad together, playing good football and picking up some excellent wins along the way, all during the busiest time of the season. Their match stats read as Played 13, Won 6, Drawn 4 and lost 3 times. They have also steered the club to a semi-final (Hinchingbrooke Cup), a Quarter-Final (SSML Premier Division Cup) and into the 3rd round of the SSML League Challenge Trophy.

We would also like to thank them on their professionalism, hard work and dedication towards the club while the search for a replacement manager continued. They have both said they will be remaining at the club.


In his programme notes last night Len wrote " I'm quite proud in what we have achieved, especially to Jason who stepped up to the plate, who has been outstanding and of course to all the lads who listened and then reacted on the field so let's hope for a good game and a positive result as we move forward on what should be a very positive period for the club."

Jason has also released a statement which we have published below

Taking over as caretaker manager of a club as recognised as much as Arlesey locally, is always tough. However when the club asked, Mine and Len’s answer was always going to be yes. Having grown up in Flitwick, I am fully aware of the successful past that Arlesey has, and have always admired what an excellent club it is.

It is safe to say that both I and Len have loved every minute of helping to manage the team of the last 2 months and it wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding help from all everyone involved. The team behind the bar, committee, supporters, players and volunteers that help to run this club are truly a credit to themselves and the community, and set the standard that keeps Arlesey Town football club a excellent place for players to have a chance to play non league football.

Two highlights in our time in charge have to be the away game against Dunstable, where it isn’t often that a team puts in a near perfect performance but, on that night we were truly excellent. To see such togetherness and an execution of a plan with a bunch of players that had just lost their manager was an absolute pleasure, and something I will always be proud of. The other without doubt was the local fireworks night held at the club. The support from the local communities to help raise money for the Arlesey Scout Group was fantastic, to see a local football club packed with people enjoying themselves is truly what a community is all about.

In closing, I must also thank every player that has played during my and Len’s time in charge. Every player has been superb in their mind set and performance. It would be easy for players to down tools in this situation, but I’m proud to say ours stayed loyal and possibly even more motivated, as sign of a top class group. Thank you lads, its been a pleasure to coach and manage all of you.


I can only thank everyone who has made the last 2 months a fantastic experience for me and Len, allowing us time and confidence to learn and keep the team together, ready for a new manger to take us forward. I have only been with the club a year and a half, but feel like I have played here my whole life. I will be staying on with the club and doing everything I can do offer my services as player in the years I have left playing. I wish the new management and staff all the best, I know they will be fine as they’re inheriting a class bunch.


Up the blues.




Finally, from all the committee, players & supporters of Arlesey Town FC.......